• Hi! My name is Jamie and I started my candle journey in 2018; spending months learning and researching before making my first candle. I love candles but I'll admit I rarely bought them; so I decided to make my own and the addiction was started. Making wax melts was a natural progression. After finding out not only my love for what was being creative, I decided to dive into soap making! Because, why not! I was not very good at making soap and it frustrated me HUGE. It took around 2 years of on and off of me trying to make a good loaf of soap and it finally happened! Today, I am very proud of my soaps - I just wish my creativity would extend to my photo capabilities.

    Along the way came my curiosity about bathbombs, and honestly it exploded from there! I make shampoo and conditioner bars; whipped soap; beard products; body butter; sugar scrubs; shower streamers; bathsalts and more.

    I live in Springhill, Nova Scotia but I was born and raised in Alberta; half my family lives in NS,, the other in AB.